Converts Outlook .mbx and .dbx files into standard UUCP mailbox files.

mbx2mbox attempts to convert Microsoft's proprietary .mbx and .dbx formats to the standard Unix-style UUCP mail format used by programs like UCB Mail, Pine, and Netscape Messenger The .mbx and .dbx files provided as arguments to mbx2mbox are processed and output to files having the same name, except without the .mbx extension.

Mailboxes from newer versions of Outlook and Outlook express may not be supported. (i.e. Your mileage may vary.) Be sure to compress your mailbox using Outlook, which should help remove some of the binary data from the file. Also be aware that this script has not been tested for Outlook versions since circa 1997, and may not work.

Also see:

If none of these programs work for you, try the list of techniques that Joel Williams has found.


mbx and dbx support
"Aggressive" mode which will remove foreign language characters


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David Coppit <david@coppit.org>, http://coppit.org/

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